Best travel adapters

best travel adapters

Travel adapters are a necessary part of modern international travel. Whether it is a vacation or for business travel, you are almost certainly bringing at least one device (likely many more) that will require recharging, so choosing among the best travel adapter is a huge help.

Miniaturization of adapter components means that travel adapters are generally much sleeker and smaller than they have previously been. As you will see from our pick of some of the best travel adapters currently available, many include added features such as USB charging interfaces and power surge protectors, reducing further the amount of equipment needed for your travels.

Here's a quick look at each one followed by more detail on each: 

Vcoo travel adapter

Vcoo all-in-one universal travel adapter

Travel adapter - Pors Elsa 3

Pors-Ela travel adapter

Insten travel adapter

Insten travel adapter

Poweradd travel adapter

Poweradd travel adapter

Vcoo all-in-one universal travel adapter

Vcoo travel adapter
Vcoo travel adapter
Vcoo travel adapter

Using an integrated all in one design this Vcoo universal power adapter is able to make wall sockets usable in more than 150 countries including the major destinations for international travel. Plugs from the US, Europe, the UK, Japan, and China are all accepted.

In addition, the Vcoo also includes dual USB ports, allowing three different devices to be powered or charged at the same time. When not traveling, you can use the adapter in a US wall socket for its USB functionality. 

An LED indicator light makes it easy to check that current is passing through the adapter, helping to troubleshoot when using unfamiliar sockets. Built-in safety shutters are designed to protect users from directly touching the live parts of socket outlets, making it especially good if children are going to use this adapter.

  • Can be used in over 150 countries worldwide
  • The design includes two USB ports in total allowing three different devices to be powered or charged at the same time
  • An LED light indicates if the adapter is receiving current from wall sockets, helping to troubleshoot
  • The built-in fuse protection cuts off power during surges, protecting from the risk of electric shocks and fires.
  • We’ve done our research, and we genuinely can’t find any!

Pors-Ela international power adapter

Travel adapter - Pors Elsa 1
Travel adapter - Pors Elsa 3
Travel adapter - Pors Elsa 1

The Pors-Ela has an AC wall outlet plug compatible with the shape of wall socket found in the UK, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and Asia. As a result, it is usable in 150 countries around the world. Four USB sockets are integrated into the design, for charging via USB connectivity at the same time as using the standard plug function.

A built-in spare fuse design ensures additional durability – vital for travel when alternatives are not available. The polycarbonate shell also makes it a durable device. The cuboid shape makes the Pors-Ela easy to pack. Retracting metal prongs support this further. The adapter comes with a handy carry pouch, as well as a full lifetime guarantee from the manufacturers.

An LED indicator light demonstrates whether the adapter is receiving power from the wall socket, a useful time-saving and problem-solving function when encountering unknown or unusual wall sockets. 

  • A universal adapter, usable in 150 countries worldwide
  • Possible to charge five different devices simultaneously
  • The built-in spare fuse design and polycarbonate shell ensure durability
  • A lifetime guarantee is included
  • Great customer service and replacement policy if needed
  • A few customers report the weight of this adapter pull it out of some wall sockets, preventing it from charging

Insten universal worldwide travel adapter

Insten travel adapter
Insten travel adapter
Insten travel adapter

Like the first travel adapter on our list, the Insten universal worldwide travel adapter is also designed for use in 150 countries. These include all the significant travel destinations of UK, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Asia, and Africa. However, it does not include an integrated USB interface and is therefore limited to providing power via a main lead and plug.

Instead, this adapter has the added defense of a surge protector. In many countries, the voltage supplied via wall sockets varies and larger surges can occur. Surges can easily destroy electronics such as laptops and phones.

The Insten also includes a locking switch in the design. This locks the metal prongs of the adapter into place, stopping them from being pushed back into the body of the adapter when it is inserted into a wall socket.

  • Designed to be usable in 150 nations around the world
  • Surge protector integrated into the device
  • Locking switch to stop the adapter’s metal prongs from being pushed back into the body of adapter
  • This adapter does not include a USB interface, so only one device can be powered or charged at one time
  • It's also slightly larger than some of the other adapters in the list.

Poweradd travel power adapter kit

Poweradd travel adapter
Poweradd travel adapter
Poweradd power adapter

This Poweradd travel adapter comes with the useful ability to power multiple devices that need mains power at the same time since it has two plug sockets. It also includes two USB charging interfaces and an embedded micro-USB cable. If you have a number of devices that all need power or changing at the same time, this is probably the universal travel adapter for you.

One downside of the Poweradd’s design is that it requires exchanging adapter plugs dependent on the country of travel. If you travel from the UK to continental Europe, you will need to carry both a UK plug and a European plug. In total, this kit includes 5 different country/continent plugs for the wall socket designs of the US, UK, Europe, Japan and Australia. For some, having to carry additional contents and then exchanging plugs will be a turn-off. A drawstring bag is provided to keep all the contents secure.

  • Has the capacity to charge two devices by main plugs and two devices by USB charging interface at the same time, making this useful on the road and at home or the office
  • Also includes an embedded micro-USB cable
  • Poweradd offers a 24-month limited product warranty
  • Requires exchanging adapter plugs dependent on the country of travel, adding weight and complexity to using the adapter
  • There is no compatibility with wall sockets in Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Chile or South Africa

Travel adapters are vital for modern travel, and much more compact than early designs. A number of well-regarded models include USB ports for charging devices, and some also have protection against power surges.

Do you have a favorite travel adapter? In the comment section below, let us know what you think is the best travel adapter. 

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